Dragons: Riders of Berk - Gift of the Night Fury (Movie)
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During a set of winter holidays, all the dragons of Berk unexpectedly depart, with the exception of Toothless; the latter remaining by reason of his inability to fly unaided. Out of compassion, Hiccup creates him a new prosthesis allowing him independent flight, and thus allows his escape. Three days later, Fishlegs' Gronckle 'Meatlug', the last remaining dragon, escapes the prison in which Fishlegs kept her and mistakenly seizes Hiccup. Meatlug travels to a sulfur-hot springs island where the other dragons have been laying eggs and having babies. Dragon eggs are also discovered by Astrid and the gang in Meatlug's nest, which they scatter around Berk in hopes of lifting the villagers' spirits.

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