Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers (Movie)
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The film starts with some years after the events of Lego Battles,with the Thunder Driller (from the Power Miners theme) digging up some dirt. In it is a man named Clutch Powers (Ryan McPartlin) and he jumps off looking for a power crystal. He sees a variety of them, but finally sees a large one. He grabs it and suddenly, the Queen Rock Monster wakes up and chases Clutch to her underground headquarters. Clutch gets the power crystal by sligshotting himself over the Queen and ends up stuck in a cave. However, the crystal opens up to reveal itself as a Rock Monster baby. Realizing his mistake, Clutch returns the baby to the Queen, apologizing for his action and stating that he only wants a power crystal. Understanding the point, the Queen Rock Monster gives Clutch a real power crystal, allowing him to leave.

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