Mortal Kombat 9
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The story begins in the ending of Armageddon at the aftermath of the Battle of Armageddon, where nearly all of the kombatants have been killed. Only two fighters are shown to have survived: the Thunder God, Raiden, and the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn. (though it is never explained how he survived his encounter with Onaga let alone was in good enough health after to fight) Kahn had his powers increased (by killing Blaze), and is currently engaged in a fight with Raiden (although his powers were increased, were not sufficient because he was fighting in the foreign realm of Edenia), he easily gains the upper hand and taunts his victory, destroying the thunder god's medallion in the process. Realizing the battle is lost, Raiden gathers up the pieces of the medallion and sends a cryptic message to his past self, including the words "He Must Win", moments before Shao Kahn kills him.

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