Slugterra: Ghoul from Beyond
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The film begins with Pronto telling the story of how the Shane Gang defeated Dr. Blakk and his ghouls, as Trixie films him. They are on their way to the Convertamail Cavern, but when they arrive they are marauded by the Scrap Force Gang and Boss Ember, who have escaped the junkyard. Boss Ember challenges Eli to a duel, but Eli is surprised when he shoots a megamorph slug, (an Armashelt) which Eli warns to be unstable, but he shoots it anyways and no sooner does Eli sling Burpy to stop the darting slug. The gang then frees the mall-cops, and the Scrap Force are placed under arrest. However Eli feels it is his duty to find out how the others megamorph their slugs when only the Shane Gang could.

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