Superman Vs The Elite (Movie)
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The movie opens up with Manchester Black watching multiple news stories about villains and giving them second chances. As, all of the news stories close down to one solution, the world wants solutions to all of the evil in the world; by killing it. When Manchester sees that this is what the world wants, he turns off the TV and begins his plot to keep the world any means necessary. Back at Metropolis, Lois and Clark have recently witnessed the death of multiple people in the street at the hands of the Atomic Skull who was killing people to draw out Superman. As the battle erupted throughout most of the city, Superman ended up defeating Atomic Skull by throwing him into a lake. After the events of the Atomic Skull attack, Superman is giving a speech at the United Nations about the greater good that is found within everyone. When Bialyia and Pokolistan leaders begin to fuss about their peace treaty being broken, Superman leaves the United Nations to go and stop their armed forces from destroying each other. As Superman arrives in Bialya, he is a bit too late to negotiate peace between the two sides. The Pokolistani forces release their bio weapon on Bialyan military which destroyed most of their ground forces.

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